The AMF Scientific Advisory Board Conference, "Financial education in the digital age: What are the challenges for investment?" will be held on 20 June 2016 at the Maison du Barreau (2 rue de Harlay – Paris 1st arr.)

The internet, media and social networks have revolutionised not just the way we communicate but also the way we consume. In the wake of these major innovations, new players, FinTechs, have recently moved into the financial sector. Using new technologies to renew the financial services offering, these innovative companies are developing in new market segments, including savings management.
The number of digital offers in this area is increasing, with data aggregators, automated management advice, and personalised support for customers in the management of their wealth. All these solutions are proposed to retail investors, who are also expected to assume more autonomy in the management of pension, healthcare and dependency issues but are not always able to do so effectively.
Against this backdrop, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers decided to devote the 2016 annual conference of its Scientific Advisory Board to the theme of “Financial Education in the Digital Era”, in partnership with Paris School of Economics. The first session will focus on how retail investor knowledge impacts financial decisions, reviewing the effectiveness of financial education programmes and the mechanisms that could be put into place to facilitate informed decision making. The second session will address trends in the financial behaviour of investors as regards new technologies and the new opportunities they bring to investors as well as the risks involved. The two sessions will be followed by a panel discussion on issues in financial education in the digital era for regulators.

Close of registration: 14 June 2016